Rules for Awwww

These rules are constantly developing and open to suggestions.  


Rule 1: Curled toes are cute.

Rule 2: Trying to look vulnerable for attention is cute.

Rule 3: Babies are adorable.

Rule 4: Muzzle-pouches that are big are cute.

Rule 5: Big full tummies on babies make us squeee.

Rule 6: Babies snuggled into mama and hangin' on tight make us say awww.

Rule 7: Facial expressions caught in the middle of extreme joy are cute.


Rule 8:  Baby bumps on mamas make our hearts melt. 

Rule 9: A baby with a head that is as big as the rest of its body is adorable.

Rule 10: A baby with unexpectedly curly hair is cute.

Rule 11: Super close-ups make us giggle.

Rule 12: Tough-looking animals calmly posing for a picture make us squeee.

Rule 13: Animals that look cheeky as if they are about to cause mischief are adorable.

Rule 14: A baby so tiny that it can sit its little booty in its Mama's hand makes us squeee.

Rule 15: A gaggle of babies, some with their feet up in the air, snuggled next to their mama, make us say awww.

Rule 16: Babies running around and playing are super cute.

Rule 17: Different kinds of animals, interacting, make our hearts melt.

Rule 18: Babies nuzzling their parents make us say awww.

Rule 19: Babies giving their elders a kiss on the cheek are cute.

Rule 20: Babies wearing adult size animal clothes are adorable.

Rule 21: Adults snuggled and smiling make us say awww.

Rule 22: News about helping animals makes us feel good.

Rule 23: Mamas embracing their babies make our hearts melt.

Rule 24: Animals with one floppy ear are adorable.

Rule 25: Huge feet are totally cute.

Rule 26: Animals that look to big to play or too tough to play, but are caught even mildly playing, steal our hearts.

Rule 27: Babies sleeping in the middle of a pile of food makes us say awww.

Rule 28: A baby smiling innocently from it's Mama's pouch, pulls on our heart strings.

Rule 29: A baby angel posing as if for a school photo, is adorable.

Rule 30: A human who gently touches a big animal gives us good vibes.

Rule 31: An animal that is clearly smiling, makes us smile, too.

Rule 32: Older animals that pose and politely wait for the picture to be taken, make us giggle.

Rule 33: Animal tocks--as in buttocks--are just cute.

Rule 34: An elephant playing in water and swimming, makes us squeee.

Rule 35: An animal getting a vet check makes us concerned but relieved and calm.

Rule 36: A tough-looking animal being brushed and smiling, makes everything feel alright.

Rule 37: An animal with prosthetic limbs makes us feel good and happy for the animal and grateful for the people who love them.

Rule 38: An animal making a funny face makes us giggle.